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We provide businesses of all sizes from the bedroom startup upwards with support in all areas of GDPR compliant privacy that's tailored to enhance consumer engagement across their business and to help protect against successful claims for data mismanagement in the future.

It all happens on the 25th May 2018, Privacy's 'D-Day'. Businesses have had since 2016 to get GDPR compliant however many have not. The GDPR isn't a choice but a legal requirement that you have to adopt by this date if you have any business or customers in the UK or EU.

Where the 1998 Data Protaction Act was suitable for the 'dial-up' 20th century, the GDPR is here for the 21st century handing the power of 'willingly relinquished' consumer data back to the consumer.

Unfortunately, as PPI claims die out, these legal firms will flood the TV and Social Media with Ads about GDPR Claims and specifically data mismanagement. GDPRClaims.co.uk and GDPR.claims have already been secured. If the company can't provide evidence the company is financially liable up to 4% of revenue - the absence of evidence in GDPR is enough for liability to be established. Great business for claims guys right?

So, regardless of your size, whether you're in the UK or EU, or if you're in the USA, if you have customer data and they're in the UK or EU then GDPR law applies.


Consent is everything

If you don't have consent then you have to get it. Simple.

The data collection and processing you may do must be done with the consent of the people that the data is about.


Consent is freely given, not enabled by default, and is triggered by the user.

No imbalance in the relationship

Consent must not create an unfair relationship between the user and the data processor. Forcing employees to use a company’s internal app which monitored employees’ location data outside of work hours would be an unfair relationship.


Users cannot be forced to grant consent for one thing in order to receive another.


The user must be made aware of all specific third parties who will be receiving their data and why they will be receiving it.


Privacy as multiple choices, not a zero-sum in-or-out. Consent to receive a newsletter must not be an automatic opt-in during an account creation process.

Verifiable and documented

You must be able to prove who gave their consent, how consent was given, what information they were given, what they agreed to, when they consented, and whether or not the user has withdrawn their consent.

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